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The major study was to discover the general character of fourteen selected groups from the high-school seniors of South Dakota who took the ACE tests and filled in the personal data in the Fall of 1952. Eleven of these groups were occupations; one group was those who indicated college academic majors; one group was made up of those boys and girls who put in some form of military service as their "tentative occupational choice," and the final one was composed of those boys and girls who gave no vocational choice. The median was used as the measure of central tendency and semi-interquartile range as a measure of variability. The first minor study was a breakdown of the teaching group into two groups of boys and one or girls. The one group or men indicating coaching and the other, teaching as their profession. This information also made it possible to compare the total group or men with the group of women teaching. The second minor study was made to compare those with professional or vocational choices with the group indicating no vocational choice made. This sub study included comparisons of the two sub groups of the "no vocational choice" category. One part was made up of those who indicated they were going to college. The other part failed to indicate any post-high-school training intended.

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