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In recent years the subject of conservation has acquired considerable importance throughout this country. The very nature of the problem has become so broad as to include nearly every facet of our daily lives. It has come to include human lives, consumer education, and production along with the more traditional areas of our natural resources such as forests, minerals, soil, and water. As with other contemporary topics, this subject has many implications for American education. It has becorr1e increasingly evident that if we are to maintain our present high standards of living, some effort in education has to be put forth to aid in this phase of the problem. Although there have been many articles published on this subject, very little of the subject has been investigated on an objective basis. The problem is fundamentally one for society as a whole in that conservation has projected itself into this nation's economy and production. Thus the destruction of our natural resources in one area has had effects not only on the immediate area but throughout the country as a whole. Conservationists in our government have accomplished much in the past in dealing with this problem; however, as has been the case with similar problems, the final solution was dependent on an understanding of conservation and a resultant cooperation in conservation work by all members of society. The problem of an under standing of the wide ramifications of the conservation program has become a problem for education. Conservation education has not kept pace with practices in the field of conservation. Hence, the purpose of this study was to determine the current status of conservation education in the schools of a particular geographic area in northwest Iowa. It was thought that if the current status was known, it might then be possible to plan a program of improvement of the conservation-education program and through it effect improvement in the whole conservation program throughout the country.

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