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Agricultural Economics


Commercial activity in an economy that is predominantly agricultual is very sensitive to changes in farming conditions. It is generally agreed by businessmen in agricultural areas that the success of their business operation is largely dependent upon the number and prosperity of farmers in their trade areas. For this reason businessmen often encourage proposals to increase the number of forms in their trade areas and support measures designed to improve the economic position of farmers. In South Dakota, where rainfall is considered a limiting factor in agricultural production, considerable interest has been taken in irrigation as a means for increasing farm income. One of the largest proposed areas for irrigation in this state is the Oahe Irrigation Unit located in the cast central section. With the development of this unit one could expect the agricultural economy to expand. Consequently, the commercial economy within and near the area would also be stimulated. In this study an attempt is made to estimate the extent of such business expansion from the development of the Oahe Unit. The major portion of the report deals with the methods used in arriving at such estimates.

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Irrigation farming -- South Dakota
Agriculture -- Economic aspects -- South Dakota


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