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. A study was conducted on a Waterfowl Production Area in Brookings County, South Dakota in 1972-73 to determine the distribution and abundance of small mammals. Three cover types, reseeded native grassed, brome-alfalfa, and bluegrass, were studied. Meadow voles (Microtus pennsylvanious), and deer mice (Peronyscus maniculatus) were captured most frequently. Jumping ice (Zapus hudsonius), masked shrews (Sorex cinerius), short tailed shrews (Blarins brevicauda), grasshopper mice (Omychomys leucogaster) and house mice (Mis musculus) were also taken. The bluegrass association had the highest number of small mammal captures and the reseeded native grass association has the least. There was no significant difference (P>0.05) between the number of meadow voles captured and the type of vegetation. Deer mice occurred most often in the reseeded native grass association. Four vegetative parameters; height of duff, height of vegetation, percent duff cover and percent life cover were measured in each cover type. No differences were found between these measurements and the number of meadow voles captured. Although there are most than 57,000 acres of Waterfowl Production Areas in South Dakota, little information is known about the small mammal population on them. These small mammals form a prey base for many furbearing carnivores which not only prey on nests of bird but are important economically. My study indicates that species of grass used for cover does not affect the number of small mammals as much as the regulation of density of cover. Habitat manipulation could be an important management tool when more information is gained on the role small mammal’s play in determining predation and population of carnivores.

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