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A beginning teacher in vocational agriculture is confronted by many problems when he begins his teaching career. Some of these problems are temporary and are mastered by the individual in a short time. Some are not immediate, but appear as the teacher gains more experience. These, also, may be mastered in a short period of time. Still other problems arise that become ever-present ones and, in spite of all the initiative and experience the teacher can muster, they will still confront him. The writer, like all vocational agriculture teachers, is concerned with these problems. He has completed four years of teaching vocational agriculture, three years in an established department and one year in setting up a new department. The first department contained twenty-eight students; the second had forty-one. In this study the writer is attempting to determine the problems of the beginning teacher of vocational agriculture. He believes that this research has not been previously conducted in South Dakota. This study includes forty-one vocational agriculture instructors teaching in South Dakota for the 1953-54 school year. Three of these teachers had their beginning experience in other states and their answers were given on that basis. These instructors taught in Iowa, Minnesota, and Wyoming respectively. However, they received their teaching training at South Dakota State College. Only one teacher contacted did not have his training at the above institution. Some problems are products of an individual or local situation. However, the writer is more interested in those major problems that confront a large number of beginning teachers, with the hope that something can be done during the teacher period to alleviate some of them.

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