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Education in general purposes to widen one’s horizon and to give a deeper understanding and enrichment of what has already been experienced and to provide new experiences. College education should be so organized that it can be used later. Curriculum planning and evaluation has been an important part of the education program. Many colleges and universities have launched self-evaluation studies in an effort to appraise and improve their home economics program, that it may be a very real preparation for home and family living. Spafford states: The achieving of a satisfying and functioning philosophy of life with emphasis of personal and family living should be set as the primary purpose of home economics - - provide the foundation for all the teaching. The developing of a wholesome personality and the working out of satisfactory human relationships is the second broad objective which concerns home economics. The broading and enriching of life is the third large objective of interest to home economics. The acquiring of techniques and skills needed in immediate personal and home living, learning to use one’s resources to attain the value set up as most worthwhile in life, is the fourth major objective which concerns home economics. The findings of one’s relation to and place in the vocational world and preparing for it is the fifth major purpose of importance to home economics. These are not separate purposes to be achieved one by one, nor will home economics be the only field to contribute to their attainment. Rather they are purposes which should run through all education and through all home economic teaching. Nor should they be seen as purposes of the student out of relationship to the family group or the larger society in which he lives.

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