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The desirability of some form of budgetary procedure for public schools has long been recognized. It is wise planning to apportion available funds among the various items necessary for the efficient operation of the school system, and serious effort should be made to restrict expenditures to the various estimated amounts set forth in the adopted budget. In the larger city districts, in most cases, the boards of education are progressive and forward-looking and have developed budgetary procedures to a high degree. In cases where the basic school administrative unit is so small that, often, leadership in education and business management are not of a high caliber, budgetary practices are conducted in an off-hand, lethargic manner. This results in less than efficient, economical spending of the school dollar. Historically, budgeting began in business and industrial concerns and then spread to public institutions. The budgeting of school money was first developed in city school systems where the procedure is now well established. From these, it spread to the smaller school systems where the budgeting procedure often falls short of desirable methods. Any business and any institution should know the value of good planning for economical and efficient spending. The budget, in its simplest for, is expressed by Kinkade as follows: “The construction of a budget is nothing more or less than an estimate of the expenses of remaining in business during the year for which the budget is compiled. The first step is to allocate certain amounts of this total to various accounts as a guide in limitation for the year’s expenditures that need to be made in order to live within the estimated income.

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