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Condition is one of the aspects of athletics which is studied by all those working with the physical development of young people. Cardiovascular condition is perhaps the most important type of condition which an athlete must develop in order to have great endurance. The present study was made to determine the effect of a basketball season’s play on the cardiovascular systems of an athlete. All of the testing was done with the aid of the Cameron Heartometer which is a relatively new piece of equipment in the field of Physical Education. Considerable work with the Heartometer has, however, been done, particularly at the University of Illinois. Many of the champion athletes in track and swimming have been tested by this means. In most work of this nature people have been tested a single time and results have been obtained from a large number of subjects in this way. In this study the author selected a group of basketball players at the beginning of the season and followed the same group all the way through their training program. In so doing the data were compiled from a comparatively few subjects, but each subject was tested many times in order to follow his cardiovascular changes throughout the course of the season.

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