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This research problem is a study of State Farmers and non-State Farmers of the Eastern Future Farmers of America Chapter at Beadle High School. It ascertains the relationships between the academic achievement of each group and their respective accomplishments after high school graduation. It is also the writer’s intent to determine whether or not the requirements for the State Farmer Degree are correct and proper. Only former members of the local Future Farmers of America chapter now actively established in farming contributed to the study. The Eastern Chapter over a period of nineteen years has had forty-six State Farmers, of whom twenty-nine, or sixty-three per cent, are established in farming. Minimum qualifications for the degree are set up by the State Association of the Future Farmers of America. (Appendix A). Since the requirements serve as a barometer of leadership and resourcefulness, it is the writer’s intent to determine whether or not State Farmers continue to show evidences of greater accomplishment in farming and leadership than do men who did not receive the degree. Do State Farmers become more effective leaders in their community than do young men who did not receive the degree? Do they tend to establish themselves in farming with greater stability? How many of each group attended college? Do they have records of better academic achievement? What is the relationship between academic achievement and real-life accomplishment? The foregoing questions prompted the writer to conduct a follow-up study of these young farmers. The writer has served as an instructor of vocational agriculture for sixteen years previous to the time of this study, and believes his findings will aid him and others in their work in agricultural education. The basic purpose of this study is to determine the relationship, if any, between academic achievement and post-high school accomplishment on the part of the State Farmers and non-State Farmers. Also, to determine if State Farmers become better leaders and better farmers than do non-State Farmers, and to evaluate the criteria used in the selection of State Farmers.

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