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For several years, the dairy industry has been making an adjustment to consumer demand. The per capita consumption of butter declined from 17.3 pounds in 1939 to 9.2 pounds in 1955. Along with this change has come an adjustment in the number of creameries operating in South Dakota. The number of plants decreased from 120 in 1942 to 73 in 1957. The largest decline was among the plants producing less than 500,000 pounds of butter annually. Two basic approaches to this situation have been taken by the dairy industry. One method has been the use of advertising to increase consumer preference for butter. The other approach has been to make adjustments in processing and marketing. An effective means of adjusting the manufacturing operations has been evident in the Minnesota dairy industry for about twenty years. That method is the consolidation of cooperative creameries. Interest in a program of this nature for South Dakota was stimulated by the recent merger of two cooperative creameries.

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