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Coaches in track are often confronted with the following questions: When should a participant run over-distance in training? When should “speed” be emphasized? How many starts should be given each day, and when should they be given? How much and what type of warm-up should be stressed in practice and meets? What is the cause of shin splints and how are they treated? What is the proper over and under-distance for the various running events? When should time trials be run and what is the desired length of these time trials? This study has been set up to study the methods employed by the track coaches of the state of South Dakota in order to determine which method is most popular. It includes a survey of the methods of coaching the different running events in the track program in the two hundred and fifty largest high schools in South Dakota, plus all collages and the University of South Dakota. The purposes of this study are: (1) To determine the methods employed in the coaching of running events by track coaches of South Dakota. (2) To investigate the attitudes and opinions of the coaches regarding the development of speed and endurance, time trials, and racing strategy. (3) To investigate the procedures used by South Dakota track coaches with respect to calisthenics, warm-up policies, and injuries common to running participants. (4) To determine the limitation of participation for athletes in the thirteen to sixteen year age group.

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