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Henry N.

The “Watershed Protection and Flood Prevention Act” as amended was passed for the purpose of initiating a program to eliminate or reduce flood damages as well as to promote better use of land through better control of water. The multi-responsibility feature of Public Law 566 and the amended portion, Public Law 1018, attempts to coordinate the talents of the Federal and State agencies with that of the local sponsoring group. The latter has a large share of the responsibility of carrying out the successful operation of the project. One of the important features of the law is the Federal and local sharing of costs. Under Public Law 566 the local groups shall assume several non-Federal costs. They must provide monies for acquiring easements and right-of-way of lands as well as all water rights that are necessary for completion of the project. Fees for conducting the bids and letting of contracts are also included. Costs for any purpose other than flood prevention, as stated in the Act, must be shared by the local organization. Another non-Federal cost is the cost of operation and maintenance of the structures.

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