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The purpose of this survey was to attempt, in an organized way, to determine the opinion of a group of flock owners who were using poultry house recommendations included in South Dakota College Extension Circular 516, Modern Poultry Housing, March, 1956. Early in 1958 the circular was in short supply for the second time since the original printing. As a result, the Extension Poultry Office had been granted authority to have another supply printed. At this time it seemed important to delay reprinting the circular until some of its contents could be evaluated. An attempt to determine how many of the recommendations some flock owners were using seemed necessary. The Extension Poultrymen and Agricultural Engineers had many opportunities to work with the flock owners in the field and had made several recommendations for remodeling and building new structures for poultry houses. Some follow-up visits were made but none were conducted on an organized basis. These visits were few in relation to the number of flock owners originally assisted. It was felt that an organized survey should be made to combine the general attitude of several different flock owners toward the recommendations being used for poultry housing. Extension Circular 516, Modern Poultry Housing, was revised and sent to the printers soon after the survey was made and summarized.

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