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Agricultural Engineering


Since infiltration galleries have been effective as a means of securing large quantities of water from thin aquifers, the question has arisen as to whether or not a small horizontal well that would yield sufficient water for irrigation could be constructed at a cost that would be within the budget of the family-sized farm in South Dakota. If so, a subsequent problem would be the development of some method of estimating the quantity of water a particular aquifer will yield to such a well. A possible approach would be to relate a certain length of horizontal casing to a vertical well of some particular diameter. If such a relationship can be found, the performance of such a well in another place could be predicted from data collected during a conventional pump test. This study will be confined to the details of the dragline construction of a pit, the placement of a horizontal well in a shallow thin aquifer; a, and an actual pump test to learn if a certain length of horizontal casing may be equivalent to a vertical well of some particular radius.

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