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Electrical Engineering


To the engineer dealing with fluid flow in distribution networks such as urban water distribution systems, the study of flow and pressure throughout the system is a complex problem involving tedious calculations unless some sort of analogue aid is given him. The McIlroy Fluid Network Analyzer, devised in 1948 by the late Malcolm S. McIlroy, Professor of Electrical Engineering at Cornell University, has been an invaluable aid to the person investigating this problem of fluid network analysis. This analyzer, however, is quite expensive, and it seems quite likely that a more inexpensive analyzer can be developed using a somewhat different approach to the problem, but nevertheless using the same basic ideas or analogies used by McIlroy and others. These analogies relate the physical fluid network to the electrical network. The project reported in this thesis concerns the design, construction and testing of a six-line fluid network analyzer which uses in the solution of the network problem a curve follower function generator to determine the correct relationship between flow and pressure differential in each branch or line of the network.

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