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This research problem deals with a general study of Future Farmer Chapter financing and more specifically with methods of raising money as well as main purposes for which such money is expended. Topics to be studied and discussed are: amount of dues charged, handling of the FFA account, writing checks, audits, activities of the Earnings and Savings Committee, budgets, amount of income needed to finance chapter activities, obligations that could be assumed by the local school board and items that the local chapters would like to include but cannot because of lack of funds. The items of income will be listed and ranked as to the amount of income as reported by the respondents. A set criteria is included for evaluating the fund raising activities. The expenditures will be tabulated both as to amount and frequency and as to their purpose either as educational, recreational-social, or both. The results reveal the relationship, if any, between chapter size and the amount of money needed for the chapter to carry out its functions. The tabulations also disclose information dealing with the relationship between the age of the chapter and the size of budget needed to be adequate.

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