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In light of the accepted benefits derived from participation in the intramural sports program, educators and physical educators are quite concerned about the present status of intramural sports and are seeking means for the improvement of intramural sports. This can be done by scrutinizing the intramural sports program in two intercollegiate athletic conferences and discovering ways and means of improvement. They are also aware of the great contribution, which the intramural sports program presents, if properly organized and administered. There is always a constant alertness to the various trends and forces which contribute to the intramural sports program. It is the purpose of this study to determine the present status of the intramural sports program for men in two intercollegiate athletic conferences and to obtain ideas as to methods employed in their administration. Through this study the author hopes to find variations which exist due to differences in local situations. Through this compilation of methods and opinions, directors may compare their policies with those of other schools, with the possibility of adding new concepts to their program. This may help them to improve their particular program thereby elevating the intramural sports program to a higher level.

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