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In recent years, emphasis has been placed on the evaluation of protein quality rather than the total quantity of protein in foods. This is indeed a timely approach, as utilization of the amino acids, which are constituents of proteins, is dependent on all of the essential amino acids being present simultaneously and in proper proportion. Because rice is widely used by the people in India and since there is no particularly rich source of protein, other than the pulses, in the diet of common people, more information on the amino acid composition of the foods (especially rice) commonly consumed, is necessary to evaluate rice as a source of protein in the diet. This approach is also of value in the practical nutrition education program in India. Though certain foods may be low in specific amino acids, they may supplement each other when eaten at the same time. Thus knowing the amino acid composition of the rice varieties commonly eaten, a nutritionist may be able to raise the level of health and well-being of the population in specific areas, by assisting them in achieving a good state of protein nutrition, without altering the basic dietary pattern. With the above views in mind, the present study of the amino acids in some varieties of rice eaten in Bombay state of India, was undertaken.

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