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Prices have long been considered to be an important factor influencing agricultural production. The diversity of views as to the effectiveness of prices in allocating resources in agriculture has served to emphasize the need for further research on this problem. South Dakota is primarily an agricultural state and is vitally concerned with the problem of adjustment. Geographic and economic conditions in South Dakota are widely different from other parts of the nation. This study was undertaken in order that legislators and other policy makers might have access to more research results in formulating future agricultural policies. The purpose of this study was to obtain information on the manner in which South Dakota wheat producers respond to price changes. The specific objectives of the study were: (1) To obtain, from a representative sample of wheat producers, information relating to the acreage adjustments, if any, they would make to expected changes in the relative price of wheat. (2) To explore possible relationships between certain non-price factors and the producer’s propensity to make adjustments. (3) To analyze the results in order to obtain an estimate of the effectiveness of price a tool for inducing adjustments in wheat acreage in South Dakota.

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