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Declining health, loss of physical vigor and the increased probability of death are conditions to which the aged of all societies must adjust. In addition, many older citizens in American society must face unique problems including the termination of gainful employment; reduced income; isolation through death or removal of family, friends, peers; increased periods of indolence; and a decreasing standard of living. Moreover, later life with its attendant complex of problems now faces more people in this country than ever before. The problems of older citizens in American society have therefore become the focus of considerable public attention in recent years. Particularly in South Dakota do growing numbers of older citizens give cause for increasing concern with their problems. Within the state the concentration of older persons is decidedly in the rural-nonfarm classification. Thus it is that the present study focuses on the problems of adjustment confronting older citizens in the rural-nonfarm community of Dell Rapids, South Dakota. The central question which the study seeks to contribute toward answering can be stated as follows: “What are the relationships between such factors as health, isolation activities, economic circumstances, etc., and the personal adjustment of older citizens?”

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