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Two slightly related developments in recent years have greatly affected the general character of American college and university life: the great increase in enrollments, and the widespread student possession of luxuries while in college. Since much attention has been given to the effect of increased enrollments, the writer feels that the influence of the extensive possession of luxuries on the scholastic achievement merits examination. In this study, the writer intends to look at an increasingly common factor in college life—the possession of automobiles by college students and to see what, if any, significance it bears as a deterrent from study. The purpose of this study is to find whether any definite conclusions or suggestions can be made concerning the effect that the possession of an automobile on campus has on freshmen boys. The college freshmen must make a great adjustment in learning to become independent and taking responsibility for the budgeting of their time, money, and use of talents. Perhaps the college staff is not rendering a favor to these college freshmen by allowing them to possess automobiles on campus to be a temptation and possibly a deterrent from study. Through this project, the writer hopes to be able to make some recommendations on this aspect of college life.

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