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The students of Flandreau Indian School no doubt are receiving much beneficial education which is of definite value to them after graduation. However, without a formal follow-up study of its graduates the school is ill informed as to the educational and vocational status of its students after graduation. If a school and its curriculum are to function at maximum efficiency it must know the status of the finished product. The purpose of this study is to analyze the educational and vocational experiences of the graduates of Flandreau Indian School, Flandreau, South Dakota for the years 1955, 1956, and 1957.The primary objectives are as follows: (1) To establish the number and types of occupations in which the graduates of Flandreau find employment. (2) To determine how employment is secured by these students. (3) To determine the type and amount of education received after graduation. (4) To determine the value and degree of efficiency in the present curriculum. (5) To ascertain the degree to which the training received Flandreau has been utilized. (6) To determine whether the services rendered by the school, such as placement, guidance, and others are meeting the needs of graduates. (7) To make some summaries and conclusions concerning the values of the present curriculum with respect to the student after graduation. It should be stressed that this study is not intended to be a curriculum study, but findings of this study should provide valuable information for the administration in adjustment and revision of the present curriculum.

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