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The objective of this study will be to determine what should be included in a financial plan for a local watershed sponsoring organization and at the same time formulate techniques for obtaining the information to be included. The fulfillment of this objective will be of primary benefit to the organization in Silver Creek. The adoption of such a financial plan will aid the construction of the project and will also aid in insuring the continued existence of the organization. A strong local organization with a solid, well-planned financing system will insure that the benefits of the project will continue to be felt over a long period of time. A strong, well informed local organization will also be able to properly allocate and utilize the soil and water resources of the watershed. An organization that is ridden with fears, doubts, and indecision will be quite the opposite. A watershed development brings the problem of utilization of soil and water resources to the attention of the people in the watershed. If they can analyze this problem intelligently without an undue amount of fear and suspicion, they can solve it in a manner that will provide the best use of the existing resources. The local people in all likelihood, will be faced with several alternatives as to how the project should be developed. They must have accurate, understandable cost-benefit information for each farm to assist them in choosing the met

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