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This study was made in an effort to determine pertinent information regarding the teaching of electricity in vocational agriculture. Is there a lack of information? Where do instructors obtain their information dealing with electricity? Are the component instructional phases of rural electrification taught? What methods are used in teaching them? Are there weaknesses in the teaching? These questions prompted the writer to conduct a study of the actual problems and practices in regard to teaching electricity. The writer has been teaching vocational agriculture in South Dakota six years and believes his findings will aid him and other sin their work in agriculture education. The responses of the vocational agriculture instructors have been tabulated and the findings interpreted to show pertinent information regarding eth teaching of electricity. Recommendations have been made concerning high school and college electrical course work. This study also proposes to present a source unit which can be used by instructors as a guide in planning their teaching of electricity.

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Agricultural education -- South Dakota
Rural electrification -- South Dakota


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