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Bloat is a complex and confusing syndrome involving an interaction of plant and animal factors. Many “toxic” principles of plants have been incriminated either by directly inhibiting rumen motility and eructation or indirectly by changing the physical characteristics of the rumen ingests. Variations in anatomical structures, activity of such structures and microbiological activity all might be animal factors which are involve. The development of the livestock industry and the use of legumes in pasture programs have grown very rapidly during the past decade. Recent studies have been directed towards the biochemical constituents of legumes that might contribute to bloat. Attention has also been given to the eructating mechanisms and other physiological changes occurring during induce tympany. A minimum of research has been conducted on the physiological changes which occur during naturally-occurring acute bloat. The objectives of the research reported in this thesis include: (1) to study physiological effects on sheep when drenched with legume extracts, (2) to devise a technique for measuring blood pressure in animals, (3) to study the change in heart rate, respiratory rate and blood pressure in animals during naturally occurring acute bloat, and (4) to study the methemoglobin and total hemoglobin values for normal and bloated cows.

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Bloat in animals


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