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Since protein anabolic agents are known to affect the rate of protein synthesis, this study was initiated in an effort to determine the effect of a drug of this type on extraction wound healing. A total of twenty-five female, Sprague-Dawley rats ranging in weight from 195-260 gms. were chosen as participants. After a two-week adjustment period, the animals were separated into a control and treatment group. Starting one day prior to extraction and continuing daily for a total of 14 days the treated rats were injected with 1.0 mgm. of 17- alpha-ethyl-19-nortestosterone in 0.04 ml. of a solution of 10% v/v benzyl alcohol in sesame oil. At the same time 0.04 ml. of a solution of 10% v/v benzyl alcohol in sesame oil was injected into the control animals daily for a total of 14 days. On the second day of drug treatments, the animals were anesthetized and bilateral extractions of the maxillary first molars were performed. Results showed that norethandrolone, in the dose given, exhibited anabolic effect on rat growth, evidence of positive nitrogen balance in the treated animals. The sample of the treated animal showed definite organization of the wound area. In the sample from the control animal, organization was not noted although the fibrocytes had started ingrowth into the coagulum.

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