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This investigation dealt with an evaluation of the heat extracted from milk during the cooling operation as a supplementary heat source for maintaining milkhouse temperatures during cold weather. It involved the design of a bulk milk cooler installation incorporating remote placement of the compressor to eliminate the sum mer ventilation problem and a venting system whereby air from the milkhouse may be circulated over the condenser coil during cold weather to pick up the heat rejected by the cooling unit. A comparison study was made of the energy requirements of an electri c space heater in maintaining milkhouse temperatures both with and without the aid of supplemental heat from the milk cooling operation. Results were as follows: (1) the milkroom did not require any heat at differences of 32.5 degrees Fahrenheit or less be tween inside and outside temperatures, (2) The heat extracted from the milk supplied the heating requirements of the milkroom for the temperature differences ranging from 32.5 degrees to 35.5 degrees Fahrenheit, (3) A greater portion of the heat extracted from the milk was utilized during cold weather, (4) results indicated that the system was effective in supplying heat to the milkroom for approximately 4 months of the year, (5) while year - round use of the heat from the milk could not be realized with the system, a considerable amount of the total heat required during winter operation was supplied to the milkroom, (6) The system supplied heat to the milkroom during a period when warmer temperatures were most desirable, and (7) Part of the efficiency of the system was lost due to the necessity of partially cooling the condenser with water since air cooling did not have sufficient capacity.

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