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Thesis - Open Access

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Master of Science (MS)


Mechanical Engineering

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Zhong Hu


ANSYS, Characterization, modeling, Poisson's ratio, Ultrasonic, Young's modulus


The past 27 years has witnessed a revolutionary growth in the progress of material development and application in almost all industry and business sectors, and this seems to be continuing even today. So many material-driven innovations have enabled the global spread in technology and improvements in capability, ranging from communications to aerospace and healthcare, to automotive and agriculture. Mechanical behavior of elastic materials is modeled by two main independent constants; Young’s modulus and Poisson’s ratio. An accurate measurement of both constants is necessary in most engineering applications, for example, the standard materials used for the calibration of some equipment, quality control of other mechanical materials. In this work, 7075-T6 Aluminum and carbon fiber-epoxy composite were used to study the effect of change in Poisson’s ratio on the Young’s modulus of a material using non-destructive testing (NDT). Ultrasonic simulation was used because Lamb wave velocity is dependent on the elastic properties of the transmission medium. Also, ultrasonic simulation shows more accuracy and non-destructive advantages over the tensile and indentation test. The theoretical and experimental results were used to validate the results of simulation before using it for this study. ‘ANSYS mechanical’ software was used to simulate the process.


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South Dakota State University


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