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Thesis - Open Access

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Master of Science (MS)

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Mechanical Engineering

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Jeffrey Doom


cold spray, fluis dynamics, modeling and simulation


The utilization of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) as a study tool in the aerodynamics and turbomachinery industry reinforces efficiency in the design of aircraft or for understanding the flow through pipes. CFD offer tools to model different geometries and perform a more extensive study of the flow phenomena. This gives the opportunity to model a variety of geometries and analyze their behavior under different operating conditions. A similar approach can be applied to coating technologies. Coating technologies play an essential role in the manufacturing industry. Their ability to form layers of specific materials onto engineering components to enhance mechanical and physical properties has numerous applications. The applications include corrosion protection, repair, and thermal protection, etc., In recent years, CFD simulations are increasingly used in Cold Spray Technology which is a relatively new and novel coating technology used to manufacture coatings in the solid state fully preserving feedstock material properties. This thesis is conducted mainly to verify the results of changing the cold spray nozzle profile shape. However, this study presents the theoretical and practical aspects of Cold Spray process modeling, discusses various numerical analysis research areas, and determines the significant parameters to be considered while developing a custom cold spray setup and exhibits analysis based correlations. The simulations were performed on some meshes of different density using the k- Omega turbulent model in StarCCM+ solver. To assess the modeling requirements including mesh, numerical algorithm, and turbulence model, it is critical to validate the calculations against the experimental data. Hence, the numerical results were compared with Muhammad Faizan Ur Rab’s simulation results [25], and they were in good agreement.

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Fluid mechanics -- Simulation methods.
Cold gases.
Gas dynamics.


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