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Thesis - Open Access

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Master of Science (MS)

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Civil and Environmental Engineering

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Suzette Burckhard


Additive Manufacturing, High Density Polyethylene, Material Study, Mechanical Properties, Printing Parameters, Recyclable


High-density polyethylene is a common recyclable plastic that has a large potential as an additive manufacturing material due its economic and environmental benefits. However, high-density polyethylene has undesirable thermal properties that cause the material to shirk and not adhere to the printing bed during an additive manufacturing processes. Researchers have attempted to combat these thermal properties but have only created novel filaments of high-density polyethylene without being able to create 3D printed specimens for mechanical property testing. This paper presents several methods to create 3D printed specimens with pure high-density polyethylene filament on a fused filament fabrication type 3D printer. The methods show that using a plastic bag composed of highdensity polyethylene on the printing bed in conjunction with clamps can be used to 3D print high-density polyethylene specimens consistently. These methods were used to create specimens for tensile, compression, impact, flexural, and shear mechanical property tests. The results of this study showed that following the recommended methods for 3D printing with high-density polyethylene presented in this paper will yield consistent specimens and data for mechanical property testing on a fused filament fabrication type 3D printer.

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High-density polyethylene -- Mechanical properties.
Three-dimensional printing.


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