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The Rockwell City Community School District is located in the central part of Calhoun County, Iowa, and of approximately 120 square miles. According to the 1958 rural residence map of Calhoun County there were some 290 rural farm operators living in the school district. Teachers of Vocational Agriculture have a duty to perform for their school and community in the instruction of the out-of-school youth. The preliminary step toward organizing a program for young farmers is to make a survey of their needs and interests. This is the main purpose of this study. Wall stated that the future of farming and farm life depends upon the adequate program of instruction for the young farmers not enrolled in high schools. There has been no previous work with this group in the school district. The writer has been teaching vocational agriculture in the district for the past year and desires to begin a course for these out-of-school young people. The survey was made to determine the answers to three main questions: (1) Who are the out-of-school young men between the ages of 16 to 35? (2) What are their needs and interests? (3) What help can the vocational agriculture instructor provide in the better use of approved practices? In developing the study the writer has attempted to keep in mind the objectives for developing young farmers programs as set forth by Ekstrom and McClelland. These objectives are: (1) Progressive establishment in farming. (2) Progressive establishment in occupations related to farming. (3) Guidance for those best suited for non-farming occupations. (4) Achievement of satisfactory social-civic environment. (5) Develop desirable personal qualities. With these objectives in mind, the survey of the community was made to determine the farming status and educational needs of the young farmers living in the school district. A course of study could not be properly developed until such a survey had been made. The controlling purpose of this study was to gain factual information and data that would aid the teacher of vocational agriculture in starting a program of instruction for the out-of-school youth living on farms in the local school district. Who are these young men? What are their needs and interests in agricultural education? Data for helping to answer such questions were sought. Another purpose was to ascertain the farming status of these young men and to determine the kind of educational programs these men need and want. Information concerning the problems, needs, and interests of these young farmers is desired in order to inaugurate a course in vocational agriculture for this age group. A third purpose of the study was to ascertain the interest of young farmers in attending meetings. Are there sufficient numbers of young farmers living in the school service area to justify a course in vocational education in agriculture for such persons whom it is not currently available? If so, what subject matter areas interest them the most? A final purpose was to determine the number and kinds of approved practices that are being carried out on the farms of the community. Approved practices represent an indication of establishment in farming and should be considered an integral part of vocational education in agriculture.

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