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The problem in question is the design of a fluid mechanics laboratory in the new Agricultural Engineering Building on the campus of South Dakota State College of Agriculture and Mechanics Arts. At present, there is no fluid mechanics laboratory on the campus. Such a facility would be of great aid to students studying fluid mechanics, hydraulics, and irrigation. It would help the students to better understand the principles and phenomena of fluid flow as well as being used as a training aid by the instructors. Research could also be conducted in such a laboratory. The objective of this thesis is to describe a possible arrangement of the fluid mechanics laboratory and the necessary calculations that lead to the arrangement described. The material presented in this thesis may also be used as a guide for experiments to be run by the students and the various calculations they may encounter. Suggestions will also be made as to methods of calibrating various pieces of laboratory equipment and possible experiments which might be conducted at the graduate and undergraduate levels. The procedure used to develop this thesis was one involving extensive library research and field trips to nearby laboratory installations, followed by a practical assimilation of ideas to the current local problem. Various sizes of laboratory equipment will be discussed and analyzed in the following pages and sample calculations given for the sizes and shapes discussed. These are to be used only as a guide to the laboratory as actually built. The sizes and shapes of equipment that are actually placed in the laboratory may differ from the ones discussed in this paper, however the sample calculations used in the following design could easily be adapted to any size or shape.

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