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A recreation program for Igloo (Black Hills Ordnance Depot) will be geared to provide a wholesome program of activities for some 2000 children and adults. Because of its fairly isolated location from any larger cities which could afford the population recreational activities, a program of the type that is proposed is of prime importance to Igloo. There are ample facilities available to the community and with a broad program applied, utilizing all phases of available space, equipment and staff, this program could fully satisfy community needs. The author of this paper presents ideas and concepts surrounding the ideal recreation program and has formulated a recreation program for Igloo. The program encompasses the entire year with youth activities considerably curtailed during the school term as planned school activities will take up most of their time. Adult activities will continue throughout the year. A complete program of this sort has never been formulated for Igloo. Since the people of this community live in such close proximity to one another and are so distant from larger cities, this type of program is invaluable. A common field of interest and a program to stimulate that interest can do much toward solidifying the spirit of a community.

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Recreation -- South Dakota -- Igloo
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