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A survey of guidance library facilities in South Dakota high schools was conducted. The basic purpose of the survey was to learn what occupational library facilities are found in South Dakota high schools. Due to limited funds and lack of personnel in very small high schools, survey results were limited to high schools with enrollments between 100 and 500, leading to a total of 99 such high schools. Each high school needs to have its occupational information library in both the counselor’s office and the school library. Suggested ways of dividing it in this way are made in the detailed two-place plan on pages 10 and 11 of this report. It is expected that the survey will bear out this premise, and this hypothesis will be accepted or discarded, according to results tabulated as part of the conclusions made for this research report. In preparing the questionnaire to be used, the aim was to use a positive, constructive point of view. An effort was made to keep the questionnaire concise, so that it would only be one page in length. A letter accompanying it pointed out one of the purposes of the survey as being to build up interest in occupational information library facilities in schools of the state, and expressed the expectation that the summary of the survey might serve as something of a measuring stick for further progress.

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