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Electrical Engineering


In recent years, electronic instrumentation has been employed as a means of measuring physiological phenomena. One use of this instrumentation is the location of small radio transmitters within animals. The most common method of transmitting temperature data is by varying the carrier frequency of a small temperature sensitive oscillator located within the animal and recording the change of this frequency at the receiver; however, this system has some disadvantages. Reduction of these problems was believed to be possible by developing an amplitude modulated transmitting unit in which a temperature controlled audio oscillator would be used to amplitude modulate the carrier frequency oscillator. The variation in the audio frequency could then be recorded at the demodulated output of the received. This study is concerned with the investigation of two separate areas which are involved in a temperature telemetry system. One area is the use of electronic instruments to measure and transmit the temperature of unrestrained animals while the other area concerns the theory and application of the transistor R-C phase-shift oscillator as an important link in a certain type of temperature telemetry system. The audio oscillator selected was an R-C phase shift transistor oscillator with three R-C combinations in the feedback network. The temperature transducer consisted of two thermistors which were used as resistive elements in the feedback network. The carrier frequency was generated by a separate transistor Colpitts oscillator.

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