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Physical Education


Because of the increased emphasis put on strengthening body joints by the use of exercises and the high rate of knee injuries occurring in athletics, there seems to be a need for scientific research showing the value of asset of simple, time saving, and knee strengthening exercises. There also seems to be a need for exercises that can be done in the time allotment of the warm-up period of a football practice. The purpose of this study was to ascertain the effect of isometric and resistance type exercises on the strength of the knee joint. The subjects were freshmen male students enrolled in physical education service classes at South Dakota State College during the winter quarter of 1961. Steps taken to meet this problem were: (1) To give the subjects two tests of flexion and extension of the knee joint, using the Clarke Cable Tension Strength Test and record the higher score. (2) To divide the two experiment groups into programs of isometric and resistance type exercises and to equate them with the control group by the group mean and standard deviation method. (3) To recheck the flexion and extension strength of the knee after the training program was completed and record the results. (4) To analyze the results statistically by computing the means, the difference between the means, the standard error of the difference of the means, the t-value, and the level of significance.

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