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The objectives of the study included the following: (1) to make an inquiry into the use that can be made of the corporate form of organization by farmers in solving their estate-planning problems, (2) the make a thorough investigation into the advantages of the corporate in the operation of the farm business, and (3) to study the mechanics of the corporate form of organization in order to set up a model that might be used by people as a guide in making the decision as to whether to incorporate. The hypothesis of this paper is that the corporate form of organization has desirable characteristics which can be of use in keeping the farm intact and in the family. The hypothesis further states that, on balance, these desirable characteristics will make the corporate device a useful organizational tool for farms of certain types and in certain situations. The plan of procedure including the following steps: (1) obtaining as much information as possible from previously written material, (2) finding the names of family corporation farms in South Dakota, (3) gaining insight into the practical needs and ideas of farmers throughout the state by means of interviews, and (4) gaining knowledge as to the practical use of the corporation by the farmers in the state by the use of two questionnaires.

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