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There is a present need to use our facilities for higher education with efficiency. More selective and efficient criteria are needed on which to base admissions to college. For several years, the American Council on Education Psychological Examination (A.C.E.) and High School Rank have been used as admission criteria at South Dakota State College. Though these two admission indices have been sued for a number of years, no precise standards have been set, based on the larger schools. The present study is being written in an attempt to determine the value of the A.C.E. and the student’s rank in high school for predicting future college success. Although this thesis deals exclusively with the relationship of A.C.E. scores and High School Rank to college success for Brookings High School Graduates who will enroll at South Dakota State College, the ramifications of the findings of this study should shed considerable light on the value of the A.C.E. and High School Rank as prediction indices for other schools. The problem of this study is to determine, by analysis of correlation coefficients, the relative value of scholastic aptitude test scores and High School Rank in predicting freshman grade-point average.

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