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Bulk handling of milk is a recent development in milk transportation. It is important to know the current cost data of transporting bulk milk. Cost structure is the important supply factor in determining hauling rates. Distance and volume are two important factors, but more detailed data are required to better determine the actual costs. The objective of this study was to determine the cost per hundredweight for transporting bulk milk from farm to plant within the Sioux Valley Milk Producers Association milk shed. The attainment of this objective involved the collection, classification, and analysis of several categories of data. Thus, it was necessary to: (1) determine the Grade A milk production within the milk shed; (2) determine the miles traveled by truckers in assembling the milk, (3) determine the time requirements for assembling the milk, and (4) determine the operating costs associated with assembling the milk. For purposes of data collection, the Sioux Valley Milk Producers Association provided the Grade A bulk production records along with records of routes, pickups, and loads. They also provided a detailed map showing the exact location of each product. Information on cost data was obtained by a study of relevant literature, along with interviews of business people.

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