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Physical Education


The basic purpose of this study was to determine the effect of wearing or of not wearing glasses on the balance of bespectacled athletes. This study was accomplished by selecting three previously validated tests of balance and by administering them to 27 bespectacled varsity and freshman athletes. These tests were administered during one testing period. The subjects took each test with glasses, immediately after the removal of glasses, and again without glasses after an eye adjustment period. A total of nine tests of balance were given to each subject. The results of each test given under the various conditions were compared and the null hypothesis applied. It was concluded that wearing of glasses showed no significant increase or decrease in static or dynamic balance over not wearing glasses. Additionally, an increase in static balance was found after eye adjustment without glasses in contrast to balance immediately after removal of glasses. Lastly, eye adjustment without glasses resulted in no significant increase in dynamic balance over dynamic balance immediately after removal of glasses.

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Equilibrium (Physiology)


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