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The majority of the past work done on the microflora of the chicken intestine has been concerned with growth response of the chicken to changes in the flora. The first purpose of this study was to isolate some obligate anaerobes from the small intestine of the chicken and to determine as nearly as possibly the genus and species of the isolates. The second purpose of this study was to determine the in vitro sensitivities of the isolates to selected antibiotics commonly used as feed additives and in veterinary medicine. Methods for the isolation of obligate anaerobic bacteria from the small intestine of the chicken have been described. With application of these methods, some obligate anaerobic cocci were isolated. Methods for determine the physiology of these isolates were described and the physiology determined. The results of these studies indicated that these cocci were similar to members of the genera Peptococcus and Peptostreptococcus. The isolates were grouped on the basis of physiological studies. A representative culture from each group was used to determine the sensitivities of these bacteria to selected antibiotics in accordance with methods described in this paper.

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Anaerobic bacteria


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