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Due to the lack of extensive information concerning printing education, the initial objective of this study was been an attempt to define the scope of printing education within the determinate study limits. In this manner, a determination can be made regarding the various institutional offerings and the emphases of the programs. Such clarification can be of definite benefit to the prospective student of printing as well as to the industry representative interested in a college graduate to fill a managerial position. An additional objective was to determine the number of persons teaching printing at the college level. It was also hoped that the study would determine if there were differences between printing programs in publicly and privately supported institutions. An attempt was made to determine the method of procurement of printing equipment by the respondent schools. This study also probed to determine what subject matter the respondent schools would like to add or plan to add to the content of their overall programs. Essentially, this study is an investigation of the scope of printing education available in the accredited institutions of higher learning in the United States. It was an attempt to determine the current trends of printing education and what direction this education has, if any. From the analysis of the data gathered by this study, it appears that a beginning has been made in determining the scope of current printing education.

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