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At the time of writing, it has been some 60 years since scientific management came to light in the United States. The economic destiny of the printing industry depends upon the managerial class. The purpose of this study was: (1) to determine the extent, if any, of dissemination of scientific management principles in to the commercial printing industry; (2) to determine whether basic management practices can be applied to commercial printing firms regardless of size; (3) to analyze major instructional and communications devices, such as work orders, job tickets, and paper stock requisitions, in an effort to determine whether or not these forms are adequate under the conditions in which they are being used; and (4) to investigate the possibility of applying the principles of operations research to various trade aspects of the printing industry. Offset stripping and imposition are two areas of particular interest because they involve numerical relationships in conjunction with a high degree of individual skill and dexterity. This study is an intensive investigation into management techniques, methods of communications, employee participation, and control forms used in the commercial printing industry in thirteen selected Standard Metropolitan Statistical Areas in the Southeastern United States.

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