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Four nearly white fabrics were chosen for a laundering study of the retention of original whiteness by certain fibers using methods simulating hand laundry. A cotton fabric was selected as the control and the experimental fabrics were made of Dacron, nylon, and a 65-35 percent blend of Dacron and cotton. Methods were planned so as to assure a uniform treatment of each sample. White washing products, recommended as appropriate for this type of work, were chosen for this study. Nine samples were cut from each fabric. One was retained as the original sample and the remaining eight were washed. Four samples were used as replicate A and four as replicate B. Physical property measurements such as fabric count, weight, thickness, yarn number, fabric strength and elongation, fluorescence and dimensional stability were made on these samples. The results were evaluated statically by a simple analysis of variance and Duncan’s Multiple Range test. Only differences in whiteness retention among materials and the number of washings were statistically significant at the 1 percent level of probability.

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