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Information storage and retrieval has become one of the major problems facing the graphic arts industry today. It is the main purpose of this study to determine if there may be a need for a “centralized” information service for the graphic arts industry. Perhaps there is this need if there are indications of overlapping, duplication, and diffusion of effort on the part of information centers now servicing the industry. This study will in no way attempt to show how such a service should be established due to the complexity of the undertaking. The ultimate objective is limited to determining if there is need for a centralized service. An additional objective of this study will be to show the present status of graphics arts information centers in relation to their methods of storage and retrieval, and to discover if their methods adequately serve their members or inquirers. An attempt to compare the areas in which the various information centers collect data will be included to determine if there is duplication of effort among these centers. It is probably also important to determine to what extent there is coordination between the various centers. To collect data, a letter, accompanied by a questionnaire, was sent to the director of each graphic arts information service. Based on the results of the survey, it can be concluded that there is a definite need for a “centralized” service.

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