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The printing industry is one of the major industries of the nation and is expected to continue growing. However, the growth in the printing industry did not happen by itself. It came as a result of sound management decision-making techniques and other business tools. As the industry continues to grow, these tools will be needed more than ever. One such tool is the use of data-processing machines, referred to as computers. The overall objective of this investigation is to evaluate the subject of data-processing as a modern business tool which can provide printing management with more timely and usable reports of its operation. The study intends to explore the various phases of printing business where this took can be successfully employed. The most notable point uncovered by this study of applications of data processing in the printing industry was that, like any other business, data-processing equipment can be successfully used in the following areas: payroll accounting, job cost accounting, general accounting, accounts payable & receivable, customer billing, sales analysis, and preparation of profit and loss statements to give management a financial picture of their company’s operations.

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Printing industry -- Vocational guidance
Electronic data processing


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