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An interest in devising a rating scale for determining the attitudes of printers toward the printing industry, and a conviction that such a scale would be of great value to the industry for rating employee attitudes and to schools of printing for rating student attitudes have led to the undertaking of this thesis. This thesis developed a test for rating employees’ attitudes toward the printing industry. The attitude scale developed in this study was experimentally tested for its reliability and validity on the printers in Fresno, California. Fresno is an industrial and agricultural center, a city of dynamic population growth, and a city having a solid business structure. It is a city which has approximately 300 employees in the printing industry, both union and non-union members. By comparing the findings of this study with those of past studies, it was established that this attitude rating-scale for printers will differentiate between the attitudes of different demographic groups. An analysis of the attitude ratings and the various demographic data collected in the field testing suggests that there is a better chance of finding a Fresno printer who is devoted to the printing industry if he is male, has completed two or three years of college, has been a printer more than fifteen years, is in his early forties, and is a union printer.

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