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The purpose of this research study was to determine the extent to which school news is being provided for the people of South Dakota by the daily newspaper of the state. The study also included a tabulation of the various kinds of news stories which have appeared in daily newspaper in order to determine the emphasis which is being placed upon various phases of school life and work by present-day newspapers. A total of 168 issues, systematically selected, was used in this content-analysis study – 28 issues from each of the six South Dakota daily newspaper having the largest circulation, each one representing a specific area of the state. Analysis was made of 2,064 news stories which reported news pertaining to elementary and secondary schools. The total space given these stories amounted to 20,388 column inches. The study shows that a great majority of school news appearing in the South Dakota daily newspapers studied was placed on inside pages, 94.62 percent, and that less than 5 percent appeared on page 1. Very little use if made of special educational pages, an average of 0.58 percent. There was a great deal of uniformity among the six newspaper with respect to the proportion of school news devoted to the public schools.

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