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The purpose of this study was to determine the effects of six-week weight-training program on the running, hitting, and throwing skills of baseball. Six exercises were sued in the program, and a plan of ten executions of each exercise was utilized. An experimental group of fifteen varsity baseball candidates at South Dakota State College participated in the weight-training program during the winter quarter of 1961. Training sessions for this weight-training program were held three times per week, for six weeks. An attempt was made to maintain a training schedule in which training periods were not held two days in succession. Tests to measure running speed as well as swinging a bat or throwing a ball were administered before and after the weight-training program. The initial tests were administered during the fall quarter, 1961, and the final tests were administered during the spring quarter, 1962. The testing data were recorded and analyzed to determine whether the speed of the actions involved had been increased following the weight-training program. The initial test scores were compared with the final test scores to determine if any significant different could be attributed to the training program which was used. The speed of swinging a bat was improved to a degree which was significant at the 0.05 level. Although running and throwing speed were improved, the degree of improvement was not sufficient to be significant.

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