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Physical Education


The purpose of this study was to determine the effects of a rebound tumbling program on body weight, body measurements, adipose tissue, leg strength, explosive power of the legs, and the endurance of college women. During a 12 week period, 39 girls participated in the rebound tumbling unit. Each girl spent a total of three hours on the trampoline during this 12 week period. Results of the initial and final tests should that there was significant gain in body weight. There was a significant loss in the girth of the right arm, waist, right thigh, left thigh, and hips. The loss in girth for the left arm, bust, right or left calf was no significant. The loss of adipose tissue at the waist was not significant. The loss of adipose tissue on the cheek, arm, chest, back, hip, and front thigh was significant. The increase in leg strength, explosive power of the legs, and endurance was significant. In the author’s opinion, trampolining does provide physiological benefits and could be justified as a part of the physical education program.

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